Meditations on Art

Sibyl Erithraea Michelangelo

Why is art important? Does art show us the truth? How can we recognise a masterpiece? And where’s all the work made by women . . .? These are just some of the questions we will explore over 10 weeks, taking in (among other things) sacred art in medieval Italy, the Dutch Golden Age, the Impressionists and Abstract. Suffolk author, Katie Ward (whose novel ‘Girl Reading’ is set in different historical periods) will guide participants through a range of art-related themes. Together we will look at symbols, sitters and artists. What has changed in the past few centuries? What has stayed the same?

This 10 week course has now finished.

‘The highlight of my week.’ – Audrey

‘Thank you for your fascinating and inspirational classes – I learned so much and have discovered some new directions to follow.’ – Lois

‘It was absolutely fantastic and made me really think and look.’ – Melody